Monday, March 05, 2007


A Popular Key to Improve your English
TOEFL is a method which is applied university by students in United States. In recent years, many students take TOEFL because they want to study in America. Nevertheless, a lot of people assume that is it an important or necessary way to take TOEFL for enter university in U.S.A? Everyone has different idea. Even if many people suspect, TOEFL still exists and becomes common than before. In fact, TOEFL center testers are Americans. Their content of TOEFL exam should be closed to university life in America. If students want to study in American, they should prepare well to prevent their university life in the future. Therefore, the TOEFL should be used to decide if non-native students can be accepted to an American university.
First, TOEFL is practical to show the student’s English skill for both teachers of universities and students. It is useful to make students and teachers of universities to understand clearly a student’s English ability. In fact, because of TOEFL, it is easy to classify students, for examples, if a student has 650 score in TOEFL, the student will have more chance to convince he can do well in the future. On the other hand, the university teachers can decide apparently if they want to accept this student. Moreover, students can apply their university easily according to their TOEFL grades. If they have good grades in TOFEL, they can know what a good university they can apply. Likewise, if students do not have TOEFL grades, they are not able to prove what their English are. No one will accept their application. As a result, TOEFL presents students’ English skills in a direct way.
Secondly, students can make a progress to improve their English because of TOEFL. Students become diligent and keep studying hard. They want to have a good grade in TOEFL so that they will have an aggressive attitude to learn English. It may be a reason why many CESL students studied in Student Center every day. In addition, TOEFL is a goal to make students learning everything in English. Even if students are lazy and do not want to study, they will know they have to study English and speak English in daily life for TOEFL. In the same way, students also can watch TV every day because watching TV can develop English ability. Hence, students set a goal to make their goal come true. It can prevent their inactive attitude and make them keep working hard.
Third, it is a fast and inexpensive instrument to make students attain their goal. If students English are good enough, they can pass TOEFL and attend a university right away. They do not waste much time. For example, in Taiwan, many students have good English skills so that they can enter a university directly. Students always want to go to university as soon as possible. Moreover, if you are able to pass TOEFL, you do not need to spend much money to study at English Center first. It costs a lot of money to study at English Center. If students can pass TOEFL, they will not spend too much money and they can save money do other things they want. In present, TOEFL is a best way to make every student who wants to study university in United States can reach this goal.
Opponents of TOEFL cannot be used because it does not show their ability of English skill accurately. Some people claim that even if a person is able to pass TOEFL, it does not mean his English skill is good. However, they do not consider the content of TOEFL exam. In fact, TOEFL includes many parts in exam such as listening and reading. It can verify a person ability of English through taking different section of TOEFL. People can recognize by far that which parts a person do better. Moreover, TOEFL has lots of information, for example, science, history, biology. Some information you should understand before. Even if a person does not have enough information about that, his English is good enough and he still can do best. TOEFL wants to know not only about a person’s English ability but also about common sense. Recently, it is general way to apply university in United States through taking TOEFL. Although some people complain about why TOEFL should be used, TOEFL still exists and becomes usual than before. It means TOEFL is the best way to define a person’s English ability.
English is an international language in the world. Also, it is more important and necessary to speak English well even if you are not American. Many companies request their employee should be able to speak English. It is a good way to show your English skills whether you are students or employee. Furthermore, TOEFL becomes more important than before because it can certify your English ability. Therefore, TOEFL becomes not only a process for students who want to go to university in U.S.A but also means how a person English capacity is. People should try to improve their English as soon as possible.


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