Thursday, December 07, 2006

summary response-4

I agree with author’s opinion that it has some factors which could be affected with children’s intelligence are genes and environments. Children who can imitate from other people could be correlated with environment.
First, children would imitate people from any other person around them. Parents are an important role in their life, because children often contact parents easily. Also, children’s genes are from their parents so they sometimes act similarly. On the other hand, parents should do their best to show for children. According to the author, we can not confirm certainly that genes are correlated with high I.Q children. However, we are sure of encourage which can be stimulate them from their parents are one of the useful instrument. Parents always want their children who are the best, but do not push them more. However, they just make themselves as model and then children can learn more from them.
Next, environment which is also important factor affect children more often. It depends on parents how to raise them. Children should be developed their ability by parents. They can be smart even though they are not intelligent children in birth. Parents have to spend times with their children to play and teach. You can let children watch the interesting video, read the story, and play the toy instead boring study or game. However, it can be find educational meaning of the field through younger children. It is the best way to let children learning skills and aptitudes from their environment in the daily life.
According to the article, parents should give children the right kinds of stimulation such as toy. Also, they have to play and conduct with their children, because nobody can instead of parents even teachers or friends. Children should develop their interests in the natural way which can understand easily from activities. The high I.Q. children are influenced by genes and environment. Parents play a significant part even in genes or environment. Although, intelligence can not be changed, you can still increase a certainly capacity. If parents limited children’s development, they might become slow-thinking attitude.


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