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I agree with author’s opinion that it has some factors which could be affected with children’s intelligence are genes and environments. Children who can imitate from other people could be correlated with environment.
First, children would imitate people from any other person around them. Parents are an important role in their life, because children often contact parents easily. Also, children’s genes are from their parents so they sometimes act similarly. On the other hand, parents should do their best to show for children. According to the author, we can not confirm certainly that genes are correlated with high I.Q children. However, we are sure of encourage which can be stimulate them from their parents are one of the useful instrument. Parents always want their children who are the best, but do not push them more. However, they just make themselves as model and then children can learn more from them.
Next, environment which is also important factor affect children more often. It depends on parents how to raise them. Children should be developed their ability by parents. They can be smart even though they are not intelligent children in birth. Parents have to spend times with their children to play and teach. You can let children watch the interesting video, read the story, and play the toy instead boring study or game. However, it can be find educational meaning of the field through younger children. It is the best way to let children learning skills and aptitudes from their environment in the daily life.
According to the article, parents should give children the right kinds of stimulation such as toy. Also, they have to play and conduct with their children, because nobody can instead of parents even teachers or friends. Children should develop their interests in the natural way which can understand easily from activities. The high I.Q. children are influenced by genes and environment. Parents play a significant part even in genes or environment. Although, intelligence can not be changed, you can still increase a certainly capacity. If parents limited children’s development, they might become slow-thinking attitude.

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Carol Pei
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Heidi Wright
Wade.N(2006, March 30) Scans show different growth for intelligent brains. The New →>>York Times. Retreieved October 26, 2006, from LexisNexis database.

In Nicholas Wade’s article, “Scans show Different Growth for Intelligent Brains”, he discusses that what different growth for intelligent brains is. First, the high I.Q. people have larger frontal lobe in cortex. Also, the intelligent highly children who reached a peak of cortical thickness are much later than normal children. Next, intelligent children are influenced by genes, but it still has to be detected in the mildest reason. He mentions about some development which can be affected by factors as diet, hours spending with their siblings or friends in school or home. Finally, you can prove yourself through your experience or performance unless you have strong potential. On the other hand, you can change your brain by experience. In Wade’s opinion, he asserts that I.Q which correlate with physical feature of brain is influenced heavily by genetics. You can change your brain by yourself even if you do not have natural intelligence.

classify essay-2

Why do designers design different kinds of clothes? Because they want to give people unique appearance. People wear various clothes for particular place. If you wear clothes fit your body, it will make you look better than before. People can create plentiful in their clothes to look bright. Wearing right clothes make people have a good mood. Also, people can choose what color they prefer. Some people like pink, some people like blue. However, some people like dress, some people like tanks. No one likes to wear the same clothes with others. Therefore, people wear the clothes that can be classified into three types: formal clothes, standard clothes, and casual clothes.
The formal clothes are worn in the formal place or party such as tuxedo, wedding dress. For the reason, people often wear this kind of clothes to present their manner in some specific places, for example, women should wear the formal dresses and men should wear suits to attend friend’s wedding which show regard of this wedding. If you wear casual clothes, it is impolite in formal place. In spite of east or west’s culture which are different, people still wear formal clothes to present specific party. Therefore, people should wear formal clothes in regular place.
The standard clothes are the work clothes. People often wear the clothes outdoor. The work clothes are usually used in our daily life. Work clothes are little formal and casual such as suits. When people work, they can wear work clothes in the workplace. Wearing the suits will make people look professional. The managers also like employees wear suits if you are in working. On the other hand, if you wear the suits in your interview, your boss will have a good impression of you. In fact, people who wear suits look clean and vocational. Wearing suits sometimes make you nervous and prime. Some people do not like to wear this kind of clothes. However, it is a popular trend in our society. Most working people tend to wear suits whatever male or female. In brief, people should wear working clothes in working.
The casual clothes are comfortable clothes such as tanks and polo. People often wear it during life and exercise. Also, people who wear sport clothes in outdoor exercise wear sleepwears indoor. It is easy and comfortable to wear casual clothes in daily life. People can wear tanks or polo let them relax and do not feel anxious. People can jogging, skating or play sports when they are in exercise. In brief, people always like to wear this kind of clothes. Although people like to wear casual clothes, it is impossible to wear it in working and some formal place. After all, people should wear casual clothes when they are in daily life.
Everyone has their own clothes style. Different people will wear to different clothes. People want to present their savor with clothes. Although wearing clothes are your own mind, you should wear appropriately in adequate situation. In present, clothes are not only the clothes, but also show your personal character. People should wear right clothes in right place. With time of changing, the clothes style may be different, but we still obey our personal lifestyle to show ourselves. Although it has many countries and cultures in the world, the way of clothes are still the same. People should depend on situation and choose what types they wear. Clothes are the basic part of life. Everyone is unique even wearing the same clothes which present different feeling. If people know their adaptable style, they can show themselves and make others know them through wearing clothes.

Sleep apnea’s real health risks-1

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Mr. Robinson
Underwood, R. ( 2006, November 23). c. CNN.com. Retreived November 27, 2006, from http://www.cnn.com/
1. apnea (n): transient cessation of respiration
2. toss (v) : an abrupt movement
3. arousal (n) : awakening from sleeping
4. obstructive (adj) : causing impediment
5. fatigue (n) : lassitude or exhaustion of strength
6. presumably (adv) : according to
7. disruption (n) : The act or rending asunder
8. intervention (n) : interposition
9. acclimation (n) : adaptation to a new climate

According to this article “sleep apnea’s real health risks” by Ruth Underwood, the author mentions that why people have the disease of sleep apnea and then bring the cure of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, which makes people have pause in sleep, is a risk. Sleep apnea can lead people feel exhausted and not have any energy to work. It is not only a sleep problem but also a disease which can make people dead if it is serious. Besides, the most common factors of sleep apnea are weight and obesity. In present, the doctors find out the solutions such as CAPA. It can cure patients if they are having sleep apnea. Therefore, if you have sleep apnea, you can be cured through the therapy of CPAP.
It can be tested if you have sleep apnea. We can through some ways to know that. If you are always snoring in sleep and over weight, you may have sleep apnea. In the past, people usually ignore these sign and do not care about that. Most people do not know it can make people dead. With increasing of medical technology, people become having more knowledge. This risk become more important than before.
I heard about this disease before which called sleep apnea. I do not know I have sleep apnea or not. In fact, sleep apnea is related snore.
It can increase if you smoke, drink. However, I heard my father had snoring loudly when he was sleeping. He both has these habits such as smoking. I think my father should go to see the doctor. It is a disease because it will make people die. I think people should notice the risk. It may be a sign to warn your health.